Amor Handcrafted is the beginning of a long journey that incidentally started some 10 years back.
Faced with a personal tragedy, I went seeking answers to questions that bothered me and seemed fairly innocuous to most, but were fundamental to my existence.

In the course of my meanderings, I discovered the mystical and the spiritual aspect of life, was drawn to it and embarked on learning and acquiring knowledge. The learning process still continues as it should for one never stops learning.

In these intervening 10 years I have grown as a human being, infused with the wisdom the divine has to offer, has made me a more relaxed and focused person.

Amor Handcrafred is the result of this journey- a way of balancing my life and trying to ward off those questions, for they still dot have any plausible answers.

I am Roma, an Events Manager by day and a soap and candle maker by night. I am also a tarot reader with over 10 years of reading behind me. I offer consultations in tarot readings too and undertake “life journeys” to help you with things that are bothering you or a cause for concern.

Now that gets us to the question as to what is so different in my offerings. Well, Amor is not just another commercial venture to pass my time and get my mind of those difficult unanswerable questions, it’s a passion to give back, in a way, what we have received from nature. Like going back to where we came from. Does this sound too philosophical???? well actually not, I have always been fond of natural products and AMOR is a way of blending my love for nature with a sense of giving back.

I have started off with soaps and soon shall introduce more hand made products, all natural, all organic, untainted by anything artificial, just like nature intended. My soaps are passionately made keeping in mind that skin needs all the love and nourishment it can get, to stay healthy and glowing, and chemicals definitely don’t serve that purpose. Only natural ingredients are used and these are sourced from the most reputed and quality conscious manufacturers.

Come fall in love with your skin……..let AMOR show you how….